My interior photography in Period Living

Period Living recently published a story on Abi’s house. I provided the pictures and Heather Dixon provided the words. Given Heathers long experience as an interiors journalist, I thought I would pick her brains about what the design press are looking for in selecting projects to publish.

Q: Period Living recently published Abi’s house. What do you think they found attractive about it?

Abi’s house had plenty of layers, great design ideas, character and colour, which is what the magazines are always after.

The design worked as a whole, the rooms complementing each other without losing their individual identities

Q: Are there any particular types of styles that attract publication more than others

Not really, a house doesn’t have to be huge or overly opulent to appeal: A variety of styles and strong decorative ideas will always tick the boxes and help to get a property noticed, and to stand out from the crowd, in a hugely competitive arena.

Q: Is it possible to predict what which projects the Magazines will go for?

No, not really. A lot depends on what kind of projects are in the pipeline. If they already have a couple of stories on a theme, then another project on the same lines is unlikely to be picked, no matter how good it it.

Q: Do the owners need to be involved?

Yes. Normally the magazines want an interview with the owners as well as photographs of the owners in their home. Most (not all) magazines require ballpark costs relating to home improvements, plus source/cost details of key items of furniture, etc for the picture captions

Q: What is the best way to submit a proposal?

The best way is to contact Matt or myself directly by email, attaching some snaps of your home and a bit of info about yourself and your property. We would then get in touch with you and take it from there……

Q: Is there any advice you would give designers about getting their project in a magazine?

Build up good contacts with a photographer and/or journalist who specialises in homes & interiors. They will do the legwork for you and will understand which magazines are most likely to feature specific projects. Remember, the process can take a while and not all homes will be placed, however good they are.