The Times - Bricks and Mortar - Camber Sands

The Times – Camber Sands

Great to see my photos of Abi Campbell’s Camber Sands project on the cover the the Times Property Section

25 Beautiful Homes

Great to see some of my shots in 25BH – the credit, as usual, really belongs to designer Rebecca Buckland of Editions  


Grand designs Magazine cover Jan 24

Grand Designs Magazine Cover

Very excited to see my shoot of @cox.architects project in South London on the cover of this months @granddesignstv… a great way to start the year!

The London Magazine Cover

Great to see my shot on the cover of this months @the_londonmagazine of Knightsbridge home featuring a mural by @nickypasterfield was a collaboration between @elementalstudioltd and @tomcareydesign⁠  


I was delighted to receive this beautiful book from @hoxtonminipress of featuring some of my shots for @lia_kiladis - some amazing sheds. I hope the book is a great success.

Hoxton Mini Press Publication

I was delighted to receive this beautiful book from @hoxtonminipress of featuring some of my shots for @lia_kiladis – some amazing sheds. I hope the book is a great success.

This was a lovely interior photography shoot for #Sagit of her recent project in North London

In praise of the humble shoot list

Prior to a shoot I always make a shot list. I think I am a little unusual in doing this. Why bother with a shot list? Well, firstly its a useful safety check. Making sure you are covering all the right areas. Not missing anything. Not spending too long on the wrong areas. It helps…


Using Gifs in Interior and Architectural Photography

Architectural and interiors photography is usually all about still static shots. However sometimes movement can be really useful in explaining the functionality of a space. This is were a gif can be useful. I have done a lot of bifold doors as gifs, but this is the first bit of joinery. Creating the gif itself…


Shot selection – a super nerd analysis

An important part of interior photography is shot selection. Choosing what areas to photograph and how to photograph them. There are lots of choices, portrait or landscape, straight on or at an angle, wide angle or normal lens, with or without people etc etc… So how do you choose? I have been running a short…


Happy New Year

Its a bit late, but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and express my gratitude for the projects I have been lucky enough to shoot in 2021. Here is a quick look back. Thank you!

How a professional stylist dresses a room: Interview with Milly Goodwin

I have been lucky enough to have worked with Milly several times. Through watching her dress a room, I have developed a new appreciation of the importance of styling. That vital and frustrating skill. Luckily, Milly has been generous enough to share some of her tips and ideas. For me this is the most useful…


homeowners guide to interiors shoot

Preparing for a shoot

Preparing for an interior shoot can be surprisingly tricky. Some homeowners are delighted to have their creation photographed. Others, having endured the building process for months, are less thrilled. This is understandable. A shoot is an intrusion and involves moving more “stuff” than you might expect. Organisation sounds a little dull, but it can make…


interior photography camden palace

Suburban Rocco

A suburban south London golf club is an unlikely setting for a rocco masterpiece. Then again, Camden Palace is no ordinary clubhouse. It has a fascinating history culminating in it becoming the home for the French Imperial family in exile in the 1870’s. However, the twist of fate that makes this building so interesting, is…


grand staircase Interior photography of Lamport Hall by Matt Clayton

Lamport Hall

This is part of an on going project with Historic Houses. This time I was shooting Lamport Hall, which was a simply amazing place….  


Power Station

This is a personal project from a couple of years ago on power stations. Coal power is not popular anymore, and rightly so, but they are still really impressive places…

external photograph of Jordans Quaker Friends Meeting House by Matt Clayton

Interior Photography of Jordans Friends Meeting house

This is a beautiful building not far from where I grew up. It was years since I had visited, so it was a real pleasure to go back and spend an hour or so shooting it. Many thanks to Jordan Quaker Centre and Nina in particular for allowing agreeing to let me wonder around….

Interior photography of Abi’s Period Cottage

How to get interiors projects published

Period Living recently published a story on Abi’s house. I provided the pictures and Heather Dixon provided the words. Given Heathers long experience as an interiors journalist, I thought I would pick her brains about what the design press are looking for in selecting projects to publish. Q: Period Living recently published Abi’s house. What…


Church Antiques interiors photography by matt clayton - wide shot of warehouse

Church Antiques – something different from the usual interiors shoot

I recently had the pleasure of photographing Church Antiques, an intriguing company, specialising in ecclesiastical fittings and furniture. Their showroom in the Surrey countryside is a remarkable place, where once venerated objects are warehoused and prepared for their new lives in the secular world. The business started almost by accident, when Lawrence (pictured below) and his…


Interior architectural photography by Matt Clayton of Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London

Behind scenes view of the venue for Architects@Work conference

With Architects@work coming up in the old truman brewery, I am reminded of the job I had shooting part of the space for London Design Fair.Apparently this area was almost almost forgotten for years, used only as a storeroom. Amazing to think of all this space just off Brick Lane half empty. The upside was…


Portrait Shoot for Tatler

This was a slightly unusual shoot as it was more about the portraiture than the interiors, but great fun and a real pleasure to work with David Jenkins

Another story in KBB

In case you missed it, here are some tearsheets from KBB of a Putney house I shot a year or so ago

Blueprint feature some of my images

Nice to see my shots of John Madin’s Birmingham Library in Blueprint, just a shame that it was because of the demolition of the building. So glad I got to see it before the end. 

Wallpaper Edinburgh Guide Out

I have received a copy of the new Wallpaper Edinburgh guide, which looks fantastic. It was a really enjoyable shoot and such a beautiful city.